Luxury Backyard Kitchen

BBQ Islands

Turn your backyard into a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen with the Cal Flame LBK BBQ Island Series! This breathtaking barbecue island series allows you to choose the size and color options that best fit your lifestyle and backyard landscape.

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LBK 870 R/L

Part #: LBK-870 R/L

Dimensions: 111.50"W x 40"H

LBK-830 R/L

Part #: LBK-830 R/L

Dimensions: 96"W x 40"H

LBK-820 R/L

Part #: LBK-820 R/L

Dimensions: 95.5"W x 38"H


Part #: LBK-810

Dimensions: 95.5"W x 38"H


Part #: LBK-801

Dimensions: 95.5"W x 38"H


Part #: LBK-710

Dimensions: 83.50"W x 38"H


Part #: LBK-701

Dimensions: 83.50"W x 38"H


Part #: LBK-601

Dimensions: 70.75"W x 38"H


Part #: LBK-402

Dimensions: 76.50W" x 41.5"H"

LBK-401 R/L

Part #: LBK-401 R/L

Dimensions: 66"W x 40"H